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The Rock Factor

The Rock Factor Every canyon on Canyon Log has the most dominant bedrock stated. The rock type directly influences the formation of the canyon. Canyons with the same rock type usually have similar characteristics. How to interpret this information. Knowing the type of rock is useful for the following reasons, Commitment – Canyons formed in

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Canyon Grades

Changes are coming to this page Canyon Grades 3 B PG II S / 3A/B / V3 A3 II ★★ Subjectivity Grading canyons involves subjective judgments, as different individuals may have varying levels of experience, skills, and comfort levels. What seems easy to one person might be challenging for another. Variability Canyons can change dramatically

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Catchment Areas

Understanding the Catchment Area A canyons catchment area or watershed gives you an idea about the volume of water you can expect to find inside the canyon. Below is an in depth look at what a catchment area means and the factors to take into account. Measuring the catchment. To measure a canyons catchment area

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Canyon Anchors

Canyoning Anchors A review of the anchors used in canyoning. Overview Below is a basic review of anchors found in canyons, why they are chosen and their typical advantages and disadvantages. Some anchors have been excluded from this listed as they have no advantages over others featured on this review. Expansion Bolts The most common

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What causes flash floods

What causes flash floods? Summary Flash floods are one of the most significant dangers in a canyon. A rise in water levels can turn benign features into impassable sections. Factors Precipitation The most common cause of flash flooding is precipitation, Fortunately rain is relatively simple to predict using multiple forecasting platforms. Factors such as convective

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Types of Lines

Hand, Fixed, Safety, Zip and Guide Lines Summary We use a variety of techniques to descend the canyons safely and efficiently, below are descriptions to help differentiate the slight differences in techniques. Hand, Safety and Fixed are often referred to as the collective term ‘traverse lines’ whilst Zip and Guide are referred to as tensioned

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