Find answers and discussions to some common canyoning related questions and topics.

What are the different types of lines?

An explanation of the different types of lines found in the canyons.

What causes flash floods?

The factors to consider before entering a canyon in the rain.

What are the different types of canyon?

Discussing the differences in Sport and Adventure canyons. 

Canyon Anchors

A review of a range of anchors found in canyons.

Why is the catchment area important?

A description of what a catchment area is and why we should know it.

Canyon Grades

A comparison of the ACA, UK CGS and FFMA grading system. 

Canyoning or Canyoneering?

Find out the reason for the use of two names.

The Rock Factor

Take a look at how the rock type in the canyon influences it’s character.

What is a water level indicator?

Find out how we check water levels prior to a descent.