A easy access, high flow and well equipped canyon with slides, jumps and abseils. Can be busy in the summer months.
Canyon Descent:
Highest Drop:
Canyon Length:
Minimum Ropes:
1X 30m
Flood Risk:
Access Type:
Rock Type:
Duration: in, down and out:
IN: 15 Mins DOWN: 1.5hrs OUT: 10 mins
This is a popular commercial canyon, Call 01397 747111 VERTICAL DESCENTS to prevent traffic in the canyon. Avoid the canyon between 10:30 - 12pm / 2:30pm - 4pm
Approach by Car: Drive along A82 towards Inchree falls. Park in the large car park in sight of the Vertical Descents base. Approach by foot: Follow the footpath at the far end of the car park, past the benches and up the hill, you can check levels on your way up. When the track is well above the canyon, look for the obvious boggy track that leads to the top waterfall. Canyon entry: enter the canyon at the top waterfall. Canyon descent: An open canyon with lots of jumps and slides, Pools are often deep with large shallow sections. Exit: where the canyon flows into a flat featureless river on the TR. Escapes: Always possible.
This Canyon is Guided
Before entering this canyon please call the operator(s) below to prevent queuing. If you would like to be guided through this canyon get in contact with the recommended operator(s) below.
Have You Descended This Canyon Recently?
If so we would love to hear from you in the comment section below! Let the whole community know more about this canyon, Information such as time taken to: approach, descend and exit are extremely helpful, as well as any new hazards you may have come across whilst canyoning at this location.  If any information on this page is missing, incorrect or out of date, please get in contact with us directly so we can rectify as soon as possible. 
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Dougie Potts
Dougie Potts
May 26, 2024 6:53 pm
Canyon Experience :

Great trip today, low flow so did the sliding 35m abseil a few times. Bolts everywhere you need them

Sol Armer
Sol Armer
April 18, 2024 11:26 am
Canyon Experience :

Great option in very high water and back up when everything else is too high. Which is the only time I’ve descended it… With all the steel cables everywhere it feels more like a via ferrata than a canyon. But there are some and relatively easy white water features to manage, odd abseil, jump and slides if the water is low enough. I’d definitely recommend taking a pulley which is suitable for metal cables (rope pulleys will get destroyed on cables), it makes the trip more fun.

The flow was too strong to cross around A1-A2 so we opted to start the canyon river right, as we were unsure if the cables were damaged and couldn’t check properly.

Jay Campbell
Jay Campbell
July 2, 2023 6:46 pm
Canyon Experience :

Really enjoyable canyon! Lots of anchor options to mix things up! Good jumps!

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