A short approach leads to a shallow angled canyon with some enclosed sections and deep pools. Combined with the last section of End of World gorge, makes for a great trip.
Canyon Descent:
Highest Drop:
Canyon Length:
Minimum Ropes:
Flood Risk:
Access Type:
Rock Type:

*No Water Level Indicator

*No Topo map available

Duration: in, down and out:
IN: 20 mins DOWN: 1hr OUT: 20 mins
This gorge is dammed up stream and would be challenging in high flows.
Approach by Car: - Approach by foot: - Canyon entry: - Canyon descent: - Exit: - Escapes: - First Decent: -
Have You Descended This Canyon Recently?
If so we would love to hear from you in the comment section below! Let the whole community know more about this canyon, Information such as time taken to: approach, descend and exit are extremely helpful, as well as any new hazards you may have come across whilst canyoning at this location.  If any information on this page is missing, incorrect or out of date, please get in contact with us directly so we can rectify as soon as possible. 
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Malcolm Airey
Malcolm Airey
April 24, 2024 9:38 pm
Canyon Experience :

Descended on 24/4/24, low flow. Some fun slides in the top half. The fall in the pic was a fun jump into a narrow-ish pool, 5m. One drop had a single bolt and maillon river right for an abseil in the flow, but there was a good jump river left here. The very last big drop before it joins the leven, we abbed from a tree on a rock pedestal in middle of river. It looked like it was deep enough to jump from this rock (8m?), but there was a tree wedged across the whole river just down stream – to jump over the tree would put you in quite shallow water, and to jump between the takeoff and tree would land you quite close to the rocks at the base. Take a saw and this could be an epic finale!

Went up to the leven tributary North of the main river and had a go on the “longest toboggan in Scotland” to finish, the easiest way to check the pool and access this is to scramble up a shelf river left – unfortunately there’s a stinking dead deer just next to this scramble shelf, but you don’t quite have to climb through its remnants, just hood your nose!!

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