Croesor Maesgwyn

Steep stream providing an interesting descent with 8-10 short abseils, some interesting scrambling and small jumps, slides. Very significant foot entrapment's on several of the waterfalls. Pools can become very turbulent and sticky in high flow.
Canyon Descent:
Highest Drop:
Canyon Length:
Minimum Ropes:
2x 30m
Flood Risk:
Access Type:
Rock Type:
Duration: in, down and out:
IN: 30 mins DOWN: 3hrs OUT: 1min
Please do not park on the top road. Parking is limited on the bottom road, keep gateways clear at all times.
Parking available at the bottom of the canyon or further down the road at the approach footpath (no parking on the narrow road on top). Approach via the public footpath up to the top road where you can either scramble into the canyon or abseil off the stake. First 2 main waterfalls have very significant foot entrapment's as well as some of the latter ones. Several of the pools have shin smashing boulders. Often possible in high water. Although worth bearing in mind the stream can still look like a trickle at the bottom when some of the descents and pools have enough water to become very dangerous. This canyon can be very slippy after/ during winter, even carrying on into summer if a big storm hasn't scrubbed the rock clean. No significant jumps, but a few small jumps and slides can be found along the route. Tree chocked sections occasionally appear and disappear. This has been scrambled, although most of the mainfalls were avoided (to my knowledge). Exit at the bottom road either next to your vehicle or just down the road from your vehicle. - Sol Armer
Have You Descended This Canyon Recently?
If so we would love to hear from you in the comment section below! Let the whole community know more about this canyon, Information such as time taken to: approach, descend and exit are extremely helpful, as well as any new hazards you may have come across whilst canyoning at this location.  If any information on this page is missing, incorrect or out of date, please get in contact with us directly so we can rectify as soon as possible. 
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