A long, high flow canyon with some interesting features separated by scrambling through a deep gorge.
Canyon Descent:
Highest Drop:
Canyon Length:
Minimum Ropes:
1X 40m
Flood Risk:
Access Type:
Rock Type:
Duration: in, down and out:
IN: 10 mins DOWN: 2hrs OUT: 10 mins
Be aware of the large fast draining catchment, When levels are high some features will be difficult to pass with no option to go around. A single piton is the only fixed anchor in the gorge, all other drops will need to be ghosted. A few options for parking depending how busy it is. Only attempt 'the narrows' at low flow.
Approach by Car: Drive along the Coe valley until you reach the Waterfalls, multiple car parks are located along this section of road, any will do. Approach by foot: Head to the view point of the waterfall to check the levels then follow the track up the hillside to the top of the falls, either enter here or head higher up to find some small jump and slide options. Canyon descent: Although ropes are needed, this has more of a gorge scramble feel than canyon, long horizontal sections followed by small drops. Exit: The narrows come to an end and begin to open up and head into the valley further, Exit here. Escapes: Escape is possible in the section above the water level marker however escape the main gore would be close to impossible, The narrows have escapable sections however there is a level of commitment with this section.
Have You Descended This Canyon Recently?
If so we would love to hear from you in the comment section below! Let the whole community know more about this canyon, Information such as time taken to: approach, descend and exit are extremely helpful, as well as any new hazards you may have come across whilst canyoning at this location.  If any information on this page is missing, incorrect or out of date, please get in contact with us directly so we can rectify as soon as possible. 
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Malcolm Airey
Malcolm Airey
April 18, 2024 3:28 pm
Canyon Experience :

Descended in group of 6 on 17.4.24. Abseiled into the narrow slot (couldn’t see how you could jump it from the top without pin balling off the walls?!?). We backed up the peg with a knotted bit of tat in a perfect crack just above. The lip to abseil in looks very smooth but we damaged our rope so there must be a hidden edge in the flow.
We climbed out on river left just before the big log-jam as the bit after looked quite pushy in medium flow, then walked down to the big jump pool. Some of the flumes in the very top bit are great!!

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