Ben Nevis Gorge

Fully featured canyon with sliding and jumping options. Lots of low angled abseils, some of which can get down climbed. Additional anchors may be required for descent in high water.
Canyon Descent:
Highest Drop:
Canyon Length:
Minimum Ropes:
1X 40m
Flood Risk:
Access Type:
Rock Type:
Quartz diorite

*No Water Level Indicator

*No Topo map available

Duration: in, down and out:
IN: 45 mins DOWN: 2.5hrs OUT: 15 mins
A small dam is present just above the start point. Here a water intake, takes a significant proportion of the water leaving a very small shoot for the canyon. If this intake is closed by the hydro company or blocked up then you can expect a surge of water to descend the canyon. In low flow this is unlikely to be significant, but in moderate to high flow this could be deadly for anyone in a difficult position despite the canyon is easily escapable.
Getting In - When walking up the path towards the Ben theres a bench with a view. Obvious as this is the only bench you go past on walk up, at this point you can find a small track which goes straight down to the canyon. this allows you to get in a bit lower without missing any of the main features so saves you walking further and then gorge scrambling down bits. - Andy Coultherd. just below the dam/ bridge at NN 146 752. The descent involves lots of scrambling intermixed with numerous abseils, some compulsary, some you can down climb. Various sliding and jumping options. You may need additional rope/ tape to replace anchors and additional bolts, if you want 2 bolts for abseils or for high water anchors. Usual exit point is either above or below the footbridge at grid reference too NN 140 756. Ascent: Follow the footpath/ fire roads up from the north face car park to the dam/ fire road bridge (towards the CIC hut). Descent: Follow the East Highland Way - east back to the footpath you approached the canyon, descend to car park. Page information: Sol Armer
Have You Descended This Canyon Recently?
If so we would love to hear from you in the comment section below! Let the whole community know more about this canyon, Information such as time taken to: approach, descend and exit are extremely helpful, as well as any new hazards you may have come across whilst canyoning at this location.  If any information on this page is missing, incorrect or out of date, please get in contact with us directly so we can rectify as soon as possible. 
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